Is mobo ASUS P7P55D good enought mobo for games?

I look for good mobo, only for games. Is this mobo ASUS P7P55D good enought for 150$
I have
-CPU i5 750
-MSI R5770 Hawk
-DDR3 2*2gb Kingston
-HDD 500 WD 32mb cash
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  1. For gaming the most important factors are VGA,CPU and RAM.
    Motherboard doesn't have an affect on gaming but that board is a good choice.
  2. WAOW Maziar, now you disapointed me. My MSI R5770 Hawk is a new one, i now look only for mobo and i hope this GPU is really good one. Maybe not a perfect but i hope that every game will be handle in max :)
  3. And i not agree with you Maziar.Motherboard is a most important component in one computer. If you are motherboard is a poor (cheep) then all component on her will be with less circuit of power, and cant reach max.
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    oopps i edited my post,i didn't see you have a 5770 already.
    About the motherboard i didn't mean motherboard isn't important i said "Its doesn't make a difference in gaming."
    But ASUS P7P55D is a good choice go for it.
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