Upgrading from single to dual core.

I've read that upgrading from single to dual core requires an OS reinstall, but I've also read the contrary. I;m currently running a single core Athlon 64 and want to upgrade to an X2 in a few weeks. Will I need to reinstall my OS or will it automatically recognize both cores?

Also, this is irrelevant, but I'm curious. What's "unlocking" a CPU exactly mean? I've read about it on wikipedia, but it seemed lacking in information.
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  1. most of the time it will recognize the extra core but sometimes the OS doesn't

    unlocking happens mostly with AMD CPUs when they make lower end CPU s that is just because they take defective Phenom IIs and lock or disable certain parts cuz they don't work right or are unstable and if you get the right mobo you can "unlock" them which means that you get a tri core or quad core in place of a dual core, but it won't always work and you might have to switch back
  2. Well that's good to hear. Reformatting isn't exactly something I want to be doing right about now.

    Also another question, this may sound newbish, but I dont exactly understand. The 7750+ has an HT speed of 1.8 GHZ, but my motherboard's FSB can only handle 1 GHZ. Will the CPU work with my mobo? How does this whole FSB/HT thing work?
  3. i would really recommend you go with an Athlon II x2 240 Regor they are better than the Kuma AKA 7750+

    the HT thing is just the speed of AMD's version of an FSB, they are two totally different things but just to make it simple it is an AMD type FSB

    yeah we need the brand and model of your mobo but with most mobos they will automatically lower the speed of the processors HT speed to the one on the motherboard

    do you have an AM2+ mob? if so then you should spend your money on a Athlon II x2 you can get one on newegg for 60 bucks and it will blow away the 7750 in its sleep.
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