Help with cable connections - new build

Hi guys

I wondered if anyone can help.

I m just putting together my first build and I am stuck.

Unsure where ac97, and hd audio cable go (from case to.. where on mobo)

Unsure about connecting gpu

Case fans are molex (I think and don't seem to fit pins on the mobo)... must say msi manual is rubbish for first time builders..

Heres my spec..

955 Be
Msi 790FX GD70 mobo
2x2 G Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1600
Sapphire 5850 Gpu
Corsair 850hx Psu
Antec 902
Lg x22 drive
Asus vh226h screen
Windows 7
WD Cav 640gb Hd
Sunbeam core contact freezer

Thanks for help..

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  1. case fans sorted just need to connect optical drive now??? and ac97 and hd audio lead...
  2. dont worry.. thanks for the help...;-)

    all sorted with help from another forum :-)
  3. Haha sorry man, I'm at work or I woulda helped! Glad you got it all sorted out though!
  4. See that hole down by the power supply? Put your power cables through that and run them behind the motherboard tray to keep them out of the airflow path.
  5. Cable management sucks, but it does help alot. A great vid to help you with some ideas is on You Tube. Looke for tjharlow vids. He has some outstanding cable management.

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