Its like hand down ATI but I'm upgrading my card and both sell for $199 I have install now is a BFG 8600 GT not sure if I want to go back to ATI last card was a 9500 pro. what do you think (MB ASUS P5K Deluxe
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  1. I'd say go with the 4890, its the equivalent of a GTX275, which is more powerful than a GTX260. Unless PhysX is important to you.
  2. i will buy the 4890 in a week :)
  3. I take it yoru budget is $200? The 4890 and GTX275 are direct competitors and depending on your games i would research this. If you have an extra $100 I'd try and find a 5850 which just annihilates both of those.
  4. I play FPS games and yes the budget is $200 BB has both this cards. Back when i was using ATI i was not a fan of the catalyst stuff that's why I switch to nvidia and it was a nice jump. Its time to upgrade.
  5. ATI does have heavier drivers. Nvidia likes faster CPU's though. So on older machines ATI seems to do better. But then you have different games that favor different cards.
  6. 4890 - best DX9 budget card. 4870 - 2nd best budget card.
  7. metalweenis said:
    4890 - best DX9 budget card. 4870 - 2nd best budget card.

    Have to correct you on that, those cards are not DX9, they are DX10.1. Also I don't think they fit the bill of a "budget" card, even with the 4870 you're still spending about $150 to get the 1GB version.

    Back on topic....the 4890 will walk all over the GTX260, so if they're the same price then definitely buy the 4890
  8. This is a fairly good comparison of the 5770, 4870 and the 260

    As you cans ee, the 4890 is a step above those and if its the same price, I'd echo Xelios advice.
  9. You can get a GTX260 for about $160 on Tigerdirect and/or Newegg.

    4890 costs about $190-$200, but are equal to the GTX275
  10. The 4890 and the GTX260 are not in the same class. How they end up being same price in the retail market, I don't know! The 4890 is however in the same class as the GTX275, and the GTX260 is in the same class as the 4870, somewhat performance wise. The 4890 will be the best choice for you here, with this budget. It will sweep the floor with the 260. My recommendation would be the XFX version, it was rated amongs the best 4890s. Also, the GTX275 will be a great value for performance, but right now its $60 more the 4890. Sometimes Best Buy has it for $229 on sale, but I see that rarely. This card does outperform the 4890, but due to its higher price, its always valued less. If you can get one for a sale price that does fit this tight budget, it will be the ultimate choice as mid-range performance. But if you can't, the ATI Radeon XFX HD4890 1G is the way to go...
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