How to increase fan rpm thats connect to motherboard

i have 3 120mm antec blue led fan connected to my motherboard and i dont know what speed their rotating at. 2 questions.

1. wat program can i use to see the fan speed
2. how do i increase the fan speed manually

i have a giga-byte ex58-ud3r with i7 930. thank you for ur reply
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  1. Hi necomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Speefan is the basic option.
    2- U can use the program that I say, or from the BIOS.
  2. okay thx. i'll look into it after work.
  3. so i install the program speedfan but i cant find the option to control the fan speed manually. i hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you

    my fan is really loud when the temp reaches 40c but below that its pretty quiet (i think the speed was 1100-1300 rpm). all my fans are rated @ 2000 rpm including the cpu fans.
  4. Well i downloaded the program too and if you look at the main screen you will find:

    speed01: 100%
    speed02: 100%
    speed03: 100%

    if you adjust the 100% you will change the fan speed i suppose
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