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Hey Guys,

I'm looking to replace the fan in my XPS 420 with a quieter one.

I was wondering what specs are best to focus on when shopping around?

noise level?

The fan I have now is a Delta EFC0912BF. It has a noise level of 46 dbA. (and it sounds like an air conditioner!). What range would you consider to be quiet, while still having good airflow?

PS: I know dell uses a proprietary 5pin connector, but I can use a molex instead? I upgraded my PSU, so I have plenty!

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  1. I would invest in a 5.25 slot fan controller. Newegg has a thermaltake for $12.99 plus shipping. Just do a search using their software. Fan controller, fan rpm adjuster, etc. I use a max of 2500 rpm for all my fans; my ps runs at 900, and cpu fan around 1400 using the hardware monitoring bios settings.
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    You could use a molex fan, thing is, when you disconnect the Dell fan you will get a fan failure message every time you try to boot the machine.
    I don't have a comparable Dell sitting here to test anything, but it should be possible to change the wiring configuration of a standard 92 mm PWM fan to match the Dell fan. I've done the opposite, reconfigured Dell fan wiring to work on standard board.
  3. thanks guys for all of the suggestions. I actually ordered a fan from Oxide, so it should be here soon. Delluser1, yeah I already found out about the failure message on boot, no biggie though, I can deal with pressing F1 at bootup.

    o1die: Thanks, I will look into the fan controller. Newegg is my 2nd home! LOL!
  4. OXIDE fan installed.. New fan is whisper quiet! Thanks to everyone for all of the advice.
  5. webguy0822 said:
    OXIDE fan installed.. New fan is whisper quiet! Thanks to everyone for all of the advice.

    hi there. Did you managed to get round the fan reboot failure message?
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