I have a t5082 power supply with 300w. i bneed to upgrade it to have 12v at 18a.

i have a emachines t5082 power supply with 300w. i need to upgrade it to have 12v at 18a. does anyone have any idea what PSU i can upgrade to on this . iv been looking for days and want to know if anyone has did this before.
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  1. What kind of case do you have? Standard ATX?
  2. yah its the standard atx p4 3.0ghz i have 1.5gb of ram , thanx for the response but i believe i found one. the Ultra LS350 Lifetime Series 350W Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, PCI-Express. has the voltage in the right places. talked to some people and they headed me in this direction. its very hard trieng to find the right one as i have found out in the last 4-5 days. the case can only handle a 6" wide by 3 3/8 vertical and 5-6" in length power supply.
  3. What card are you trying to put in that thing? You could just get an HD4650. It's very low power and even your current PSU can probably handle it. A more powerful card will be wasted on that CPU in any case.
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