212+ on an ASUS P7P55D PRO LGA 1156 in an ANTEC 900

I have ordered the parts for a new build, after some recomendations I got from the board here... I'm going with an SLi set-up using two GTX 260's with the i5 on an ASUS P7P55D PRO LGA 1156 in an ANTEC 900 case.

I have always built AMD - but I really wanted (just for fun) to build an SLi - so with the advice given, I went with INTEL... I ordered the stuff from Newegg.. and it's on it's way... but this morning it dawned on my - I didn't order an aftermarket heatsink... it is coming with the stock one, but the stock is never the best option.

I've done some digging, not a lot of options out there - most point to the Coolermaster 212+

I've seen one YoutTube video - and it seems pretty straightforward - have to cut a corner off the side fan, but that's about it...

The only other problem I see people having is getting the stock plate off the back of the board - but I'm starting from scratch, so that wont be an issue.

SO - the big question - is there anything I'm missing? Has anyone ever done this configuration? should I be looking at a different fan?

by the way, not planning on overclocking it....

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  1. The coolermaster 212 is a good choice. A lot of people have complained about the installation because their provided guide sucks...it will go much faster if you read a guide online.

    Why no overclock?
    How much did those 260s run ya?
  2. I got the 260's for $150.00 each, with a $20.00 rebate on each... which I actually got!
  3. As for the Overclock... Right now no plans on doing it... A LONG time back I fried a AMD chip.. and have been a little gunshy since...
  4. Ok, at least you have turbo mode.
  5. You could overclock a little without increasing the voltage and get some performance increase. Make sure you check the CPU contacts...
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