Maxtor sata hdd power and data connector broken

Hello,can i recover data
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  1. Well, if whatever incident broke the connectors broke _only_ the connectors.

    If you are good with a soldering iron you could, in theory, solder wires from a spare male connector to the wire pads on the broken connectors. If the connector is snapped off completely, this would be pretty difficult, as you would be attempting to solder directly to the controller board.

    In the latter case, you might try replacing the controller board with one that still has its connectors. If you decide to try that, I can't help you; I am not among those who have succeeded at this task.

    How broken is it? Can you post a picture?
  2. If you have a late model Maxtor, then be aware that a straight board swap won't work. Each board has unique, drive specific "adaptive" information that needs to be transferred to the donor. Some board suppliers offer a "ROM transfer" or "firmware transfer" for US$10 - $20.

    Just to add to WyomingKnott's suggestion, I would suggest that a 4-pin male Molex connector may be easier to find than a SATA power connector. You just need to be aware of the pinouts:

    Early Maxtors didn't have the board swap problem, but you needed to match certain codes on the label of the drive.
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