Temporary System for about $250

I know this post will seem amazingly lazy, but I imagine some of you here will be able to answer this question somewhat quickly.

I can't tell you the guiding interests of this build, but in theory it is supposed to be cheap and just run windows. (Internet surfing). The truth is, I may steal it (that is use it for myself and give my old rig to my grandmother) as a temporary stop before getting a modern computer.

I would like to order the parts immediately. I am in New Jersey, USA.

As it stands now, I have a AMD 64 3000+ with an AGP Radeon x850 or something like that. I would like to know if what I am pricing out would actually be a major improvement on what I have now.

I like quiet and energy efficient computers, but I can give a bit on those. (Loud would not be acceptable)

Do you have any recommendations for where I could cut back and still get similar performance? In some ways, I am hoping to use the new motherboard as a jumping off platform for a better chip and PCI-Express card in the future, but I need it to be funcitonal now without a videocard. I need neither optical drives nor an OS.

I am looking at this system which totals for about $358 (parts include MB w/ video & audio, AMD Processor w/ cooling, memory 2gb, case, 430W power supply, HD, and Wireless Card):


AMD Athlon II X2 245

Kingston ValueRAM 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333

Rosewill Green Series RG430-S12 430W


Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJS 160GB

AZiO AWD102N IEEE 802.11b/g

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
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  1. Don't use Rodewill PSUs. This OCZ 400W has reviewed well and is better, but looks like it's sold out:

    This Antec EA380 is just as good or slightly better than the OCZ for a few bucks more:
    It's also far better than the Rosewill.

    You don't need thermal compound with a stock cooler.

    If you wanted to be sure your PSU was ready for a larger GPU, I would suggest the OCZ 500W as a budget choice
  2. Yeah personally id settle for a cheaper mobo, but hey.

    Also i suggest antec case+psu bundle, but that one wont disappoint you either.

    Nice build.
  3. also u dont need to buy thermal paste anymore.
  4. Do you guys think there is a sufficient performance increase in the build to justify blowing my budget by $100? Am I better off just building a system for the $250 I am supposed to be spending?

    And thanks for the quick replies. So far you've saved me at least $7.00 :p (Which isn't being sarcastic at all. I really appreciate any advice you give me to help bring the cost down.)
  5. Sounds like for what you are using it for $100 wouldn't show much performance.
  6. Don't forget about combo deals. Here's one for your CPU and motherboard:


    Here's a combo for the Antec EA380 PSU and Antec 200 case:

  7. I think I may have been unclear, Sonic.

    My grandmother needs an internet rig.

    I want a system that can run modern games well enough but that doesn't cost too much more than the budget I have from my father to build my grandmother's computer. If for $100 I can get a system that blows my old system away and puts me in a good place to upgrade my system in a year or so, I'd like to do that.

    Does that change your answer at all?

    The only game I own right now that I play on occasion is WoW. My current setup will not let me do much more than have minimal graphics with some increase in range of vision of horizon and objects.
  8. By the by, I'm not totally comitted to AMD. If any of you think an Intel would give me a better build, let me know.
  9. I wouldn't try to use Intel in this budget range. AMD currently offers more bang for the buck and better integrated graphics in the low to mid-range segment.
  10. The PSU is crap in that case, and should not be used if you value your hardware. It's impossible to tell who actually made the PSU as the UL number is unreadable, but given the various ratings for the rails I can tell you it's a very poor design, whatever it is.
  11. I've got a used Core 2 Duo based system with a 7800GTX in it and a nice Antec Lanboy case I'd sell you for $250. PM me if you're interested.
  12. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the advice. I went essentially with the system described but changed out the PSU as recommended and got the combo on the Mobo/CPU.

    With taxes and shipping it was over $400 which is really irritating, but whatever. At least I'll be able to upgrade to whatever is out for the AM3 platform in a year or so. I really hope that they don't abandon the format before I can justify the transitional upgrade.
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