Should I just get a 4890 instead of 5850?

Been waiting for the 5850 for 3 weeks now and it's just not in stock. Do you guys think I should just go with the 4890?
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  1. If you can get a 4890 for under $200, then go for it. Otherwise, it's more worth it to shell out $270 for a 5850.

    A 5850 is about 5-10% better than a GTX285. And a GTX285 is about 10-15% better than a 4890.

    DX11 won't be implemented for a while, so getting a 4890 will hold you until DX11 matures and the prices of the ATI and Nvidia DX11 cards drop.

    (or get a 4870 for about $150)
  2. stupid ATI. This is definitely not a demand problem. These things have been out of stock since they came out. Obviously they can't produce enough. The 3 biggest canadian computer part retailers haven't had them in stock for 3 weeks now. It's not like they come in and are sold out. They just don't receive any shipments. ATI shouldn't have launched if they only had 500 cards to sell...
  3. I know I am mad as hell I want to complete a build for my "work" computer and I can't because they are not in. I also hear they may go up in price as well.
  4. directcanada just put up some powercolors and visiontek's if anyones interested. I went with the visiontek myself.
  5. How often do you upgrade your GPUs? If you upgrade them annually, go ahead and get the 4870. If you want to use it for three to five years, then definitely get the 5870.
  6. I would say go with either 4870 crossfire or 4890 crossfire depending on how much you could get them for. Either crossfire setup is a lot faster than a single 5850.

    I built a 4890 crossfire setup and I'm very happy with it. Just make sure you have a powerful CPU to support your video card(s).
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