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I just bout an Asus P6X58D Premium MB and I dont know what memory I should get for it. I'm looking for 6 gb of 1600mhz ram with a budget of around 200 give or take a little (lower is always better lol). Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. A couple grands I had in mind were Mushkins and Gskills. Any thoughts?
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    You will not see any increase in performance using Ram faster then 1333 or at most 1600. Memory is not the choke-point in computing anymore Hard drives are. You would be better off looking for some ram in the 1333-1600 range with low CAS numbers, save some money and get a good SSD. Crucial just released their new Sata III drives. [...] 6820148348 SSD RAM

    Check out Tom's Spring SSD comparison. [...] ,2603.html
  2. Thanks I am looking into getting a pretty good SSD. I will probably go with those G.Skills PI but how would they compare to this mushkin ram?

    Would both of these be very similar?
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  4. Hi Snoboardfrk

    Thanx for the award. The little I know of Intel gear is that they can use the low voltage ram better then AMD boards. The Mushkin has slightly better timings but the G-Skill is lower voltage and $20 cheaper and I have used G-Skill several times with never a prob.
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