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Hello, I have an ASUS M3N72-D with an Athlon II X2 250 at stock volt./speed. I have had this for about three months, and have overclocked only twice to 3.3 Ghz and 3.4 Ghz. However, I recently wanted to check my internal temps and found that my mobo temp was 80C. Thats the first time I've seen a mobo temp that high. ASUS says that it uses solid capacitators that last about a year at 105C, but 80C seems way too high. The BIOS confirms the temps. Also, I have a Cooler Master Sniper Blk. Edt. case with two extra intake fans, so I can't see airflow being an issue. So any suggestions?
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  1. If it's running with no stability issues, I would leave it alone. Your temp readings may not be accurate. This happens all the time. You can also replace the northbridge heatsink on the board, but this voids the warranty with asus.
  2. I just emailed ASUS technical support, and they suggested that I update that BIOS. Should I?
  3. Couldn't hurt. Its pretty painless.
  4. I just flashed the BIOS to the most current one, but the temps have not changed.
  5. I have heard horror stories about ASUS tech. support, so I'm a bit hesistant to RMA.
  6. ASUS tech support tells me that its either a faulty thermal diode or the chip is overheating. However, when I touch the heatsink, it feels more like ~35C, the same temp as my graphics card heatsink at idle. Are faulty diodes that much of a problem?
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    If touching the heatsink won't burn your finger, then you're fine. It's not necessary to constantly monitor the board temps. If you have at least one case fan and the idle temp of the cpu is 35-45c, then I would forget about it. If you rma, you will probably get another used board instead of new, so it may have a much more serious issue.
  8. Alright, thanks. Dunno why I was freaking out about this lol.
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