HELP !!! nv4_disp error GeForce 9800gt 1gb sparkle

Hi , I've got fallowing problem with my GeForce 9800gt 1gb sparkle Graphic card:
while loading GTA4 game screen freezes and I'm getting blue screen with nv4_disp error or the fallowing window and safe mode: Windows-Display Driver Stopped Responding......(please note that the game works Good while playing ,the screen freez only while loading)
Also when running "google earth" while zooming in or out , or spinning the earth the display is freezing every 1-2 seconds and screen is flashing, afrer short time I'm getting fallowing massage:NVIDIA OpenGL Driver : Too many errors accured.....


I've already tryied to uninstal drivers on safe mode using driver sweaper, instal other drivers , even format HDD and make a fresh instalation of win. Nothing WORKS ((
thats my PC spec:
Win XP pro.32bit (genuine)
CPU intel E5200 2x 2,5GHz
Asus P5KPL/1600
4 gb ram
GeForce 9800 gt 1gb
PS-650 W

Please note that this card doesn't have extra socked to connect PS.(4 pin)

Please have look at the fallowing pictures. Thanx [...] hg4ed3.jpg [...] vpv8ra.jpg [...] q7ladc.jpg [...] ve63kx.jpg
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  1. Also, I dont think that the card is faulty, simpely because sometimes I'm able to go succesfuly through the game loading and then the game is working OK , On max spec. I was running banchmark and it works fine too, I gues if it was faulty it wouldnt work at all. Also please look at this video, I'm getting same kind of "interference"time to time running "google earth" As I said before ,it's random, sometimes is ok but most of the time I'm gettimg error Thanx for help.
  2. plug in the extra power connector and update bios
  3. this card doesn't have extra 6pin power socked. updating the BIOS was one of the first steps I've made , unfortunatelly-no improvement :( any other ideas ?
  4. bump
  5. Starting two threads does not help you any more than one. :non:
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