ATI driver 9.10 or Catalyst Driver 9.10?

What is the difference between the 2? I have a XFX HD 5870 card and recently went to windows 7 ultimate 64bit. Looked for the latest drivers and there is a Windows 7 64bit ATI driver 9.10 and a Windows 7 64bit Catalyst Driver 9.10.

I'm a noob in need of help!
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  1. Catalyst is the software suite that allows you to tune specific 3D settings such as custom resolutions, forced anti-aliasing, and other quality/color settings via ATi's provided means.

    The regular driver doesn't include any software and will not allow you to adjust those settings without a third-party alternative.
  2. Also, the Catalyst suite will allow for some overclocking of the card... just slide the memory and GPU sliders to the right and VOILA. Your 5870 is even faster.
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