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Hi all,
Sorry for the quite long post but looking for some help and trying to be as specific as possible. I "think" i'm posting in the right section after reading the FAQ. Sorry in advance if i'm not.

Been having a few niggles with a new system for a little while now. The machine is just over 2 months old and the specs are:

Asus P6T mobo
i7 920 stock
6gb ddr3 1600 Gskill
Samsung F3 spinpoint
5770 x2 xfire

A few days after taking delivery the pc started to hang on bootup, after a quick inspection i found that one of the front panel connectors wasn't fully in and after pushing it back into place everything was fine.
Some time later i updated to the ATI 10.3 drivers and this problem started happening again, only this time with a blue screen Machine_Check_Exception error. After removing the 10.3 drivers and going back to 10.2 all was fine for another week.

Just today it started hanging on boot again. This time it hung on the Asus screen -- not the express gate, the BIOS entry screen. What happens is i power the pc on as normal and then 2-3 seconds later it will shutdown and then 2-3 seconds later it will power back up but just leave me with a black screen (no video input, entering sleep mode > nothing.) From here i have to turn the power off at the mains, wait a little while and then power back on. Sometimes it will come back on np, but others - most of the time the process of power up > down > up > nothing will happen several times before it finally turns on.

After reading the FAQ at the top of this page i saw

Q. My new system doesn't work; the fans turn on 3 seconds and then turn off, or
Q2. My new system won’t respond at all, won’t post?

A. Most likely cause of this situation is the motherboard being grounded by a misplaced mounting post. Check to make sure all the post line up with all the holes in the motherboard, and remove any posts that don't.

The first question sounds pretty similar to what's happening to me, besides when it trys to power back up. I've tryed running memtest over night and that came back with no errors on the RAM. All connections inside look fine. I haven't installed any new drivers, hardware or software inbetween it working and not working properly.
I mean, is it the motherboard? Would updating the BIOS drivers be worthwhile? If not what could it be?

Really at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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  1. Open the cabinet & make sure that all the connections are in place.
    After you power on, check for the psu's temp (approx, just by touching). If the psu is too hot, then maybe it is not letting the system boot until it gets cooler. If this is the case, then most probably it is running out of its specs or is binned. In either case, you'l need 2 replace it. Get a decent new one.
    Is the system doing the POST ? do you hear the beep? If not, then you need to config the bios settings. Try flashing & updating it.
    If everything fails, you need to replace the mobo.
  2. Had a look over all of the connections. None seem loose -- had a fiddle about and none feel loose either (when the front panel connector was loose, it was half hanging out).

    The psu's temp also feels fine. The failure to boot seems to be first boot of the day. eg - it's been off all night and i go to boot it up in the morning. So it shouldn't be from it being too hot.
    Forgot to mention in the specs that it's an az 1100w psu, so it should be fine for the other components i think?

    When the boot fails i never hear the beep. When i hear the beep i know it's going to boot no problem. The timing is such that when the beep would usually sound, that's when the system powers down and then back on from the "up>down>up>nothing" process.
    Gonna have a look now for the latest BIOS etc. Will get back.

    Cheers for the reply btw
  3. the 4pin/8pin cord from your power supply may be bad and not supplying the power it needs. This is most likely since you are not getting a beep. To check if this cord is good. Take the cpu cooling fan off. Afterwards, apply a finger on top of the cpu and turn on the system. If the cpu turns hot then that 4pin/8pin connector is working fine. If not replace PSU. If its working fine then you have a bad mobo.
  4. been back and forth on the phone to the companies tech support.
    had a try with all RAM sticks out to see if the mobo would emit the beep code and the first time i tryed it, it did. same with both graphics cards out. tryed it again today though as it was acting up and no beeps, just the up>down>up>nothing.

    phoned them back and he said it's more than likely the mobo, so it is being rma'ed. will see how this goes.
    will also have a quick look at the cord while i'm messing around inside.

  5. Got a new mobo sent out yesterday and put it all back together this morning.
    On first boot it POSTed, great. But came back with a cpu error detected.. second boot, same thing.

    Had a look around inside, removed the cpu and put it back in, all connections fine etc.
    Booted it up again. This time no POST, but it also didn't do the up>down>up>nothing process. It just gave me nothing and continued to run.
    Tryed removing the RAM and booting. Booted but no beeps at all, same for both graphics cards.

    Also tryed removing the cpu fan and booting. It did get hot to touch, so guessing the psu is ok.. other than that i'm at an even bigger loss than before now.
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