Asus P5N SLI & intel Quad Core Q9450


i want to upgrade my processor i have Asus P5N SLI motherbourd iwant to ask from experts, that this motherbourd support Quad Core Q9450 ?? :heink:
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    The answer is No,here is the motherboard's specs:
    Front Side Bus:1066/800/533 MHz
    And Intel Q9450 has 1333MHz BUS so it won't work
  2. The voltage regulator on the board can't handle the newer C2Q Procs - they didn't get an SLI LGA775 able to do this until the nVidia 7xx and above chipsets. I had a P5N-E SLI and wanted to upgrade from an C2D E6600 to a Q9x50 and wasn't able to do so. However, there are reports in forums that some people got the Q9450/9550 working with the board and some others put it in and the board recognizes it incorrectly and underclocks the chip. My suggestion is either go for a Q6600 and overclock it to 3.0+ Ghz or get a used mobo that supports the 45nm Quads from cList or ebay
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