Windows 7 on a new computer question?

I currently own a computer with Windows Vista 64bit Professional and I am getting one of the free upgrades for Windows 7 64bit Professional. I'm thinking about building a new computer though. So, would it be the same thing fi I was to just to install my Windows Vista operating system on the new computer and then upgrade to Windows 7 or is there really more benifit to paying the extra money to get the Windows 7 OEM?
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  1. There'd be no benefit to buying the OEM version. You will be getting a free OEM version with the upgrade coupon.
  2. So you don't even have to use the free upgrade on the computer that warranted it in the first place??
  3. You use the upgrade coupon to get the upgrade. So, yes, you need the coupon.
  4. What I mean is, you could actually install on a different computer and leave the one that gave you the free upgrade on vista?
  5. It will be an OEM upgrade, not a full copy. So you can't install it on a blank drive.
  6. Yeah, but I would think that you could (if you have a vista disc) or even if XP counts. Install vista and just not activate it, then upgrade.
  7. Each copy can only be activate a certain amount of times. I'll leave the legal issue in ur lap.
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