CPU Temp Problem

Hi, I am having a problem with my CPU temp that I cannot solve and need some help with.

Each day that I start my PC, after about 20 mins the CPU temp rises very slowly from 40C to 55C even though there is no heavy CPU processing. If I then play a game the CPU temp rises to 65C. Note that the CPU does not overheat and cause a PC shutdown.

If I restart my system the CPU temp reaches 40C and stays there whilst the PC is idle and stays at this temp for hours. If I then play a game the CPU temp never rises above 50C.

It does this consistenty every day I use the PC and have no idea why.

My PC is:
- ASRock P45R2000 motherboard
- Intel Q9650 overclocked from 3 to 3.6 Ghz
- Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme v2 CPU Cooler
- MSI Nvidia GTX275 Video Card
- Creative SB X-Fi Sound Card

As far as I know the CPU has been seated correctly in the motherboard with the correct amount of arctic silver. This is the 5th PC that I have built and so know a little about these things.

Any ideas? Is this a BIOS, Motherboard or CPU Issue?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Hi, I will try a reinstall of the CPU in the next few days.

    I am using an ASRock Utility to measure the temp.
  2. Hi newcomer and wecome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Try the things that weirdguy99 said, and, What case do you have?
  3. Try running the OCCT torture tests (60 minutes) and see what it gives for temps...you'll get a set of graphs when you are done.

  4. Thanks guys, looks like I had too much thermal grease last time. Have reseated and know it holds the temp down.

    Problem solved!
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