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i just got a 5850 and i try to play section 8 and borderlands and i get this erreor message. This application has failed to start because physxcudart_20.dll was not found. Re-installing this applicatin may fix this problem. Well, it doesnt fix the problem. Is there any way i can put in my old gtx 260 and use it as a physx card since i have the ati hd 5850. Or what can i do to fix the problem.
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  1. Download a driver cleaner app and wipe both ATi and Nvidia display driver packages off the system and uninstall anything Physx also and do a fresh install of the latest ATi display driver package, and maybe do a reinstall of borderlands (should re-assess the system and disable physx etc)

    Note physx apparently isnt available (disabled automatically) on systems that use ATi video cards, even if you have an Nvidia video card as a dedicated physx card etc - thank Nvidia for another great idea.

    Hope this helps
  2. No need. Just go to and download the Physix driver if it isn't come on the games' disc.
  3. For some reason the edit button does not work. This is what I want to say:
    No need. Just go to and download the latest Physix-only driver if it isn't on the games' disc. Many games require this driver even if you have an ati card.
  4. A simple and accurate fix was to download the physxcudart_20.dll file( Then move/copy the file into your "c :/windows/system32" (32bit windows) and/or" c :/windows/sysWoW64" folder then run the game.
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