Need help, crossfire working on an sli motherboard?

Hey guys, I just bought an alienware 750i. It has an asus p5n-d motherboard and 2x radeon 4850s. When i play wolfenstein enemy territory, i check gpu-z and my 1st gpu is on about 27% load and my 2nd gpu is on about 9% load(im guessing crossfire is working). However, when i play crysis, my 1st gpu is on about 57% load and my 2nd gpu is at 0%. Is there any way i can get crysis to run on crossfire? And also, if i update my drivers, will it break the crossfire support? I'm not sure if crossfire is working due to the drivers, or it's something else. I was thinking of upgrading to a radeon 5850 in about 4-5 months, since i can't seem to get crossfire to work on crysis. If anyone could help me get it to work, that would be great. If not, does anyone know if the 5850 will fit in my motherboard?
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  1. I also have a P5N-D, and I can tell you that no, CrossFireX is not working on it.

    That board is SLI ONLY. Check out the website:

    Yes, the 5850 would work, but, again, no crossfire. You can put as many GPUs on it as you want, but you can only run SLI on the two x16 slots with identical nVidia cards. I have never heard of anyone hacking the drivers on this board. I still don't believe it, though, and there is no other documentation I could find, other than this thread, linking to a computer on newegg:

    Your best bet is to get a 5850, if you can find one. Then maybe sell or give away the 4850s.
  2. The HD5850 will fit in your motherboard, and is better than crossfire HD4850's.
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