PCIe to SATA Controller. Jmicron JMB36X

I bought this card just to add extra HDD's, no raid or anything like that. I have no trouble using an HDD as backup storage but I thought I'd try to use an HDD on the card and boot it up as to install an OS on the drive. I get a "Boot Manager is missing" message. I also connected an HDD with an OS installed and it booted up on the card just fine. I just want to be able to install a clean HDD on the card and setup a new OS on it with out the error message. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks...
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  1. If I understand the sequence you have described, you tried to boot from the new HDD on the card before you installed an OS on that HDD. If so, that's why it won't boot. No OS. I suggest that you disconnect all drives but the one you are trying to make bootable, boot from the installation disk, and do an install.

    The reason for disconnecting all other drives is that if another drive with a Windows OS is installed when you do the install, that drive will get the boot manager and the new drive will not be bootable. This is another possible explanation for your issue.
  2. Thanks WyomingKnott, I got it all working. What I did was use acronis western digital edition to copy my OS to the new hdd, shutdown and disconnected the original drive and booted the pc, it went straight to the new 500gb hdd. I then shutdown and replaced the original drive, booted up and everything is working as it should. OS on the new hdd boots as it should and the old drive is now used as storage. SO I will just keep an image on the storage drive for safe keeping. Thanks for the help!
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