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Just installed a Noctua NH-D14 push , pull on to a Q9550 and # 3 and 4 cores read , at start up and idle 32 deg. celsius.When loaded they finally wake up , but when unloaded again they settle back down to 32.# 1 and 2 are reading 22 at idle and are fluctuating normally,as I am writing this there at 26.I haven't pulled it off and reseated yet , but will if all else fails.
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  1. Your post is VERY difficult to understand so I will take a stab in the dark:
    -2 of your cores idle at 22C and the other two idle at 35C. You failed to tell us what they are at load.
    -Your question is... well I really can't figure out what your question is but I can tell you although the difference is large, it is common for Core 2 processor cores to be different temperatures. reseating the heatsink will not make a difference because all the cores are basically at the same spot so if there was a problem with you putting the heatsink on, all the cores would be hotter not just one.
    -These temperatures are normal, so what is the problem?
  2. i think what he trying to say is 2 of his cores are not responding but from my experince with quads 2 cores are always a littler warmer cause they get used more
  3. Ok Ill make another attempt ,I'm still having this problem among other things ,but well deal with one at a time.All cores are threading properly ,the problem is that 3 and 4 core do not fall below 32 deg. C.So when I first boot I am seeing 1 and 2 cores temp. rising slowly from 22 deg. to idle at 29, while the cores 3 and 4 start at 32 deg. the entire time core 1 an 2 are rising .Up until I ran the new cooler I didnt pay close attention to the initial temps. but I am thinking they were probably the same and I didnt take notice until now when the temps are well below anything the stock Intel heatsink would show. Is it common for core sensors to not be responsive until they are loaded?Or is this CPU defective.Im trying my best to get my point across but Im struggling.
    I need some input Please .
  4. Ok I gotcha. Yep there is no problem with that I believe. Core 2s often have their cores at different temperatures.
    If you are worried about it rising slowly, don't. I don't see a problem with that; certainly not a defective processors. Besides, the highest of the temperatures you've said is normal.
  5. Cool .Thanks for that , I wont worry then .
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