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I'm currently undergoing building a new PC and I'm trying to find out what everyone thinks is the best brand of ATI cards. I'm looking at the 5870 on NewEgg and I'm seeing..


I've heard that PowerCooler has problems with their cards and I haven't really heard anything about the other ones. What does everybody recommend? I'm leaning towards Sapphire because I've seen a few reviews of their cards and they seem to be good quality wise.
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  1. XFX has double-lifetime warranties.

    Get the Sapphire though. They have the Vapor-X version.
  2. Right know AFAIK, all the vendors are producing just "ATI reference" designs. If that still holds true, I'd be hard pressed to identify a physical difference in the cards. I must say however that since I'm not shopping till mid winter, I am not looking at anything very closely atm, just regurgitating what I have read in the trades.

    All things being equal however, I'd match the vid card vendor to the MoBo vendor (i.e. Asus MoBo , gets Asus GFX card) so at least when you call TS for one of them, they can't blame the other vendor :)
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