Gateway MT3707 Vsta to XP Hm Edition sound problems

i have instlalled xp home edition on my Gateway MT3707 that originally came with vista. all seems good except sound (hi Def) cant seem to get it to work. any ideas drivers ect,.
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  1. Go to My Computer, right click and select Manage > Sound, Video and Games > if the your sound card appears to be installed, right click it and select Uninstall > restart the computer > wait a minute and check the audio... if still no sound, check in Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices > Volume tab > Check if the main volume slider is grayed out or if the "Silence" checkbox is unchecked... also check all the volume controls within Sound and Audio Devices including the Advanced Properties.
    If all volume setting sliders are set right and if no sound comes out as you move the volume sliders to the right or up, go to the link page and download the "Hardware Vendor Detection Utility".. it should detect Windows XP and direct you to the appropriate driver download link.
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