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Hey all,

I apologize in advance if this has been asked before, I did a search but couldn't really find any help. I recently bought a samsung XL2370 LCD Monitor and I tried playing World in Conflict but there is some tearing issues. I don't really want to enable v-sync because of the loss in frame rates. I have an i7 920 with a stock EVGA GTX 275 card. I was wondering if there is any way I could increase the refresh rate on my monitor to reduce the tearing in the game. Would this even help the tearing issue? I tried but I can't increase the refresh rate in the Nvidia control panel past 60hz. Is this the normal max refresh rate for all LCD Monitors? I'm at college and don't have any manuals that tell me what the max refresh rate the monitor can support, and there is conflicting information online but is there any possible way to turn it up past 60hz or would I damage the monitor? Thanks any help at all is greatly appreciated
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    If the monitor can't go past 60hz, then it won't go past it.

    V-sync leaves your computer at a cap of 60FPS. Your eyes won't notice anything past that, so there's absolutely no reason not to.
  2. Thnx for the quick response. I wasen't sure if it you could turn up a monitor past 60hz, I heard of people turning up their monitors past 60hz even though it wasen't an option on the Nvidia control panel. I just wasen't sure if I even could turn up my refresh rate if it would fix the tearing issue.
  3. As a side note, if your monitor has a 60hz ref rate, I think that means that your monitor can't, "See," any faster than 60FPS.
  4. Oh ok I got ya, maybe this is a dumb question and i'm sorry if it is, but why are LCD monitors only set to 60 hz and therefore can only display 60 FPS meanwhile most GPUs can produce more fps than that?
  5. Because some games (believe it or not), require more than others. For instance, CS:S will get maxed out on an HD5870 and will have over 300FPS. Crysis, on the other hand, will get maxed out and only have 40FPS.

    GPU's producing over 60FPS is a waste of resources, which is why the fps_max console command was invented.
  6. Oh ok I think I understand now, so basically some games will use more FPS than others (more GPU power) to display the game properly even though the display might only be able to "see" 60 FPS or so. And all V-Sync does is just display and sync the max FPS a monitor can handle even though you could have and possibly display more FPS than that with v-sync off but that would cause tearing. Do you happen to know if 60hz is the norm for most lcd monitors or is there some w/ higher refresh rates? Thanks again for all the help I really appreciate it
  7. No problem.

    60hz is the most common, but there is 75hz. I do not think there is much of a difference seeable.
  8. Alright thanks, I was a little worried before because I got this new monitor and was worrying that it could only display a max of 60 FPS but i'm better now knowing that 60hz is the norm and I think most games can't even run up to 60 FPS for the most part and that you can't really see a difference beyond 60 FPS. Thanks again
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