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Hi, I have a question about my cooler master v8. The fan controller knob on it was already installed and I wanted to know how I can take it off so I can fit it in the PCI bracket. If I cannot do anything, I think I might put it through one of the liquid cooling holes in my Antec 1200 case...but how can I tell whether the fan control is high or low? Which way would I put the knob, if I put it through the liquid cooling hole. Thanks!
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  1. Oh, I have another question. Should I put the knob on highest or around the middle? Thanks
  2. The knob on my fan is already installed, how do I take it off? I cannot fit it into the pci bracket.
  3. Pull the knob off, remove the retaining nut to take the rheostat off the bracket, install the pci bracket, reinstall the rheostsat, put the knob back on.
  4. The knob doesn't seem to come off. I think I might put it through one of my liquid cooling holes.
  5. It does come off, unless someone glued it on.
  6. I'm probably just going to settle for the liquid cooling hole. I don't really prefer using a pci bracket.
  7. delluser1 said:
    It does come off, unless someone glued it on.

    I tried removing mine by twisting instead of just "pulling" the knob lengthwise.
    To anyone else googled here ( CM V8 Knob remove etc ) the answer may be to:
    "pull" not "twist".
  8. How much is the power consumption of this Cooler Master v8?
  9. It says on the outside of the box the CoolerMaster V8 comes in "180W cooling solution" so that tells you how much power is consumed when you have the knob turned all the way to the right (or up/max power consumption) but my question is why would they have a volume knob on a CPU fan? I mean, why adjust it? It's supposed to moniter the CPU load and adjust the fan's speed automatically (unless Asus lies?)...

    Just please give me the simple answer to why they hardwired a knob on it. I can't seem to find the 'why' on any FAQ or Knowledge Base. Help me out!

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