Overclocking radeon 6870 sapphire?

Going to oc it and its my first time, i guess ill use the control center to oc it but any other safe program is fine. Help me?
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  1. CCC is just fine to Overclock, another good program is MSI Afterburner
  2. +1 MSI Afterburner
  3. Don't use Afterburner if you want to increase your core voltage because the sapphire 6870's are not yet supported. The only real option other than CCC is Sapphire Trixx which will allow core voltage increasing. The core voltage changing of course is only necessary if your doing higher overclocking. I'd suggest Trixx if you want to reach core clock speeds greater than 920mhz as you will get artifacts (dots or other screen glitches) and even game crashes if you don't increase the core voltage to power the higher clock speeds.
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