How to continue a vcr tape to a DVD

We have a Sylvania unit that transfers vcr to dvd. If we have 2 or more vcrs that we want to transfer to dvd, how do we pause the tape and add a new vcr tape to continue on the dvd without stopping it as that does not let us add anymore if we stop it. Do I need to use dvdrw?
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  1. I'm not sure your transfer unit has that capability. Does the manual mention anything? If not, I wouldn't think what you want to do is possible.
  2. the easiest way is to transer both tapes to a separate dvd then combine them digitally using a pc video editing suite - sure it uses 3 dvd's instead of just 1, but theyre cheap these days.
  3. I agree with "will_chellam" above. If you don't have video editing software on your pc you can download free versions to try from
    Use search box for "Video Edit". Good luck!
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