Connect Tivo to my Windows 7 PC tethered to iPhone


I am trying to connect my Tivo to my Windows 7 PC. I get internet on the PC by tethering my iPhone 3GS. I would like to share my connection so my Tivo can access the internet and update itself.

I can't seem to get it work. Is anyone able to help? These are the steps I took:

1. I set up a static IP on the Apple Mobile Device Ethernet using the instructions here, using

2. I set my the adapter Apple Mobile Device Ethernet to share the internet (Internet Connection Sharing)

3. I connected my Tivo to PC using a crossover cable. The cable plugs in to an ethernet card at the back of the PC.

4. I set up the ethernet connection on the Tivo by inserting the IP, Gateway, Subnet masks and DNS servers I used to set up the static IP (point 1 above).

Tivo tries to connect but it says Gateway Not Fount (N07).

Have I missed something? Should I have set up the static on the ethernet connection, not the Apple Mobile Device Ethernet? Or both?

Please help.
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