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Having a 2 T.B. W.D.2002FAEX-007BAOAAT, Black HD in my gaming rig and also having the same HD in a exturnel storage(Eagletech) Do I realie need to a Raid.I do some video edd, with some large files. also if I do a raid can I put the files back on the HDs when I reformat them.Now I have two new WD two tb,same as above if it will make a differance My rig CM932haf asus crosshairIV 16gigs corsair Domgt amd1100T 2X XFX6970 1200 Antec Pro PSU& a 920cpu cooler
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  1. You definitely don't need to RAID.
    also if I do a raid can I put the files back on the HDs when I reformat them.
    What do you mean?
  2. I ment could I reloud windows & all my games,files Ext.from exturnel backup,I did not think I needed to do a raid,but it was just something new to me thanks for the Tip
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    It usually can be done, but it depends on how it was backed up and on the RAID controller.

    Unless you understand why you need to implement a RAID and how to back it up, you probably shouldn't do it. At a minimum you need to understand that RAID 0 improves transfer rates (this is why so many people use it), but a single hard disk failure causes the loss of all data on the RAID. RAID or not, you need to backup important data.
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