Auto(easy tune 6) or manual (shop did auto tune) 2500k

First time o/cer so I went to local shop they said they had trouble o/cing in bios manually but used an auto tune feature of my mobo on deskop called easy tune 6 and cloud oc
first time I ran prime95 at home one of the workers failed

Self-test 896K passed!
[Sat Feb 18 20:42:10 2012]
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
[Sat Feb 18 20:57:54 2012]
Self-test 1024K passed!
Self-test 1024K passed!
Self-test 1024K passed!
Self-test 1024K passed!
[Sat Feb 18 21:13:02 2012]
Self-test 8K passed!
Self-test 8K passed!
Self-test 8K passed!
Self-test 8K passed!
dont know what this means but original VID was 1.368 I stped and ran again VID was then 1.3611 I assume it changed due to the auto feature. However in easy tune 6 the voltage is changing fairly constantly between 1.308 and 1.32

They got it at 4316.161 (102.78 * 42) at VID 1.3611v

mobo- z68ap-d3
cpu- 2500k
hsf - 212 evo
psu - xfx 650w

prime95 is now running and passed the 1024k and the 8k and running 10k on all cores its a pass so far

Do I leave it as is now or should I change anything. I know I have asked alot but have tried to include as much info as possible
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  1. another error 1 worker of 4 stopped

    89 tests 1 errors 0 warnings
    FATAL ERROR: rounding was 0.5 expected less than 0.4

    Should i change easy tune has

    auto 3.77 bclk 102
    4.33 bclk 103
    4.47 bclk 104

    Or it has manual/advanced fully change voltages ratios and frequencies

    please help
  2. jus had bsod after turning on pc

    Im almost positive the overclock done in easy tune using an auto button option is unstable do you all agree

    sorry I did try to edit however I cannot so have to post again
  3. pull the BIOS battery on your mother board, the OC isn't working correct with your setup. plenty of guides online how to safely OC your components, just google your hardware.
  4. Best to avoid Windows based OC utilities and work through the BIOS.
  5. Do i need to pull battery to reset bios?

    in bios main menu i simply reset to optimised defaults is this not correct?
  6. Just turn on your PC, spam the delete key. Find something that says "restore defaults" im your BIOS, Save and Restart.

    Once you get things back to ground zero, try OCing it yourself. I have had great success with my "ez button OC" software (ASUS). I have Fast and Extreme. I started with Fast, did an hour of Intel Burn Test on maximized stress, after it was stable I reset to default again, then went Extreme, restress tested. I've got a 4.5 OC with stellar temps and voltage around 1.32.

    You could call the shop and tell them you to reOC your machine because you found it unstable.....or at least get your money back.
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