780i system freezing from full screen flash video!

Ok, this problem has been driving me nuts. I have very specific symptoms and I still cannot figure out exactly what is causing my computer to crash. I'll post my system components so you all know what I'm working with:

Windows 7 professional x64
evga 780i mobo
4 gb crucial ballistix tracer PC2-6400 • 4-4-4-12
evga gtx 260 superclocked
q9550 @ 3.4 ghz (liquid cooled)
coolermaster Cooler Master Silent Pro M850 850 watt psu

Thats it. It's a pretty basic system. My problem is that when I watch flash video in full screen it freezes my entire computer. I cannot do anything. I cannot move the mouse, no keyboard function works...nothing. The image is frozen on the screen and the audio stutters on the last thing that was played. I can leave the computer for 30 minutes and it stays exactly the same.

I have to do a hard reboot and everything comes back and works fine. There is no log of any kind besides a kernel power system error.

Let me go through a list of things i've tried to troubleshoot:
1: extensive cpu burn in with prime95. No issues at all.
2: gpu burn in test with furmark
3: monitored all temps during regular use, gaming, and while playing flash - all temps are normal or below.
4: Re installed windows 7 fresh. Tried with only windows provided drivers and then with nvidia and then with specific evga. All the same results.
When I disable "enable hardware acceleration" my system does not freeze. So I assumed it was my video card. I switched it out to an 8600gt and it seemed fine. I played full screen flash for hours. Then today it did the same exact thing, froze the system.

When I talked to EVGA support they said it can't be the motherboard because the motherboard doesn't have anything to do with flash or hardware acceleration. I already RMA'd my gtx260 thinking it was that but it must be something else. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be or what I could test?

Just to be clear I can never recover once it freezes. I've read tons of posts about similar flash crashing but people were able to open task manager and kill flash. I cannot open task manager or do anything. I've looked everywhere! If anyone could help I'd really appreciated it.
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  1. I had a similar problem last fall but with different hardware. In my case, I also could not recover and had to reboot my system. The fix was to upgrade BIOS to the latest and also to upgrade to the latest video card drivers. This was a common problem at the time and these steps fixed it, but at that time it was P55 boards and AMD GPUs that were experiencing the problem.
  2. Welcome to the 780i chipset flaw. Sure, the 780i board makers worked around the problem with later bios updates, but they just can't eliminate the problem. The only hope we have is turn off the 'enable hardware acceleration' in the flash settings. Otherwise, try running the ram with looser timings, sometimes that helps as well (seems many 780i boards don't like timings of 4 very much). And finally, since it will sometimes happen anyway, just reboot every day to lower the chances.
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