NOT OC - but overheating doesnt have a forum :P

So I'm not OC'ing my setup, but it's running hot, and I figure the OC guys know the most about watching/monitoring/adjusting temps.

So my stock i7 sandy 2600K runs fine sits between 30-35 even when playing any game, there's no issue at all, except under a stress test it gets up to 75 even 80 (at which point i just cancel the test)

I've put a coolermaster 212 plus on it, stock cooler I could maybe see temps that high (although still a little high) - but with the aftermaket heat sink I feel like maybe I installed it incorrectly somehow? Unless theres another thing I could check.

For the record I did pull it all back apart, verify everything step by step all over again, starting with step 1 made sure everything was securely fastened etc, made no change on another stress test afterward...

Thanks for any help
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  1. Well how ridiculous...........

    SO the TPU switch on my asus p8z68 v pro gen3 was turned on (I didn't realize it did anything without be instructed to do so >.> )

    turned that off, doesnt even reach 65 under full load now in prime95

    SO thx for everyone's time, and hopefully for anyone else having this issue, its the damn TPU switch!!!!! :P
  2. tpu switch is to overclock thats why temps so high
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