Antec H2o 920 Problem Need Help

Ok here is my question basically i just got a antec h2o 920 and i have it installed but the usb connection always fails. By this i mean i have the usb connector plugged into the internal usb header correctly (i have a asus p8p67-pro motherboard) and no matter what i do the thing wont even register in the device manager or connect to the chill control software. The cooler its self defiantly can tell tell that its plugged into the usb because the antec light comes on and the fans run at what i assume is the silent profile, If i unplug the usb connector the the antec light goes off and the fans run at full speed. From doing this i can tell its at least partially working. Im completely stumped when it comes to this any help would be great.
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  1. I'm assuming your used the included CD with the chill control program to install on your computer? I think its software issue and definitely not your motherboard or the Antec 920 itself, I think if that was the case nothing would happen when you plugged and unplugged the usb header.

    I would go to the Antec website and download the latest version of Chill control. I'm pretty sure that's what I did with mine.

    here's the link:
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