Confused on ram speed DDR3 6 gigs

So i just put together my new system and I want to make sure that everything is working correctly. I just ran CPU-Z and got this:

Im just wondering does this mean that my ram is running only at 1066 or is it running closer to 1333, the ram is rated at 1600 mhz, but from what i read you just double that 535, which would be 1070 or 1066 right? the mobo is an asus p6t which was supposed to be 1333 default so im kind of confused why my ram would be running at 1066 if the ram should only scale back to 1333.

thanks - confused
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  1. Many x58 boards default to 1066. You can try setting the speed manually, but you may have to bump up the voltage to get it. The maximum recommended ddr3 voltage for x58 boards is 1.65. If you can't get the higher speed at this voltage, I recommend you leave it at the default speed, or use the ram ratios for overclocking. I actually reduce the ram speed for overclocking so the net result is the same speed when the cpu is running faster than the recommended setting. It's much more stable and less risky over time.
  2. ok i went into bios and went to my dram which was set to [auto] and it said since my cpu is locked, the max mhz is 800 or 1066. i pressed enter on auto and switched it to 1600 and now the ram is running at 806 acoording to cpuz, any ideas on what i ment by the cpu was locked?
  3. Your RAM is running at approximately 1066 MHz (CPU-Z's listed 535 x 2). To run the RAM at faster frequencies, you'll have to enter BIOS and change the memory multiplier. Once you start making changes, you should set the timings and Voltage by hand as well.

    EDIT: Looks like I was a little slow hitting that submit button.
  4. sorry for double post but heres the before an after if you can make it out sorry using paint to save jpegs right now i dont have ps installed is this to much of an increase i didnt mess with the voltages, i just went in on the bios and went from auto to 1600 but for some reason said the cpu was locked, again using a p6t board and i7 930 with 6 gigs (2x3) 1600mhz ram from gskill


    [edit] i also have no idea to check where the voltage is on the ram, it shouldnt go over 1.5v correct? i think its set to auto or something but i just want to see where it is with out messing with it at 1600mhz
  5. For voltage, the lower the better due to heat. If you're running at 1600 now, then try it for awhile at 1.5 volts. If you get error messages or bluescreens, then you can bump up the voltage later. The cpu multiplier is locked when set to auto. Try the default cpu speed for awhile. Recently, before installing windows, I set up my cpu and ram for mild overclocking by 20% and installed windows without incident. If you can get through a windows installation when overclocked, that's about as good a way of testing as prime 95.
  6. ok well i went back in and read through the bios and the asus manual a little bit, found that the lowest voltage i can set the memory at is 1.5v and the highest intel recommends is 1.65v (correct me if im wrong) right now i switched the ram to 1.5 while maintaining 1333mhz, if it is stable at this voltage and speed i think i will keep it here till i read more on over clocking and how voltages and everything work, i have no idea what i am really doing i just want to maximize my preformance with out ruining my new 1500 dollar system. it used to be 1600mhz at 1.8v that kinda freaked me out but figured that out i might try bumping it up to 1600 and keep it at 1.5v if it stays stable but i have heard the gains from 1333mhz to 1600mhz are negligable. Thanks for the help so far guys if you have anything to add or help dont hesitate to say it!
  7. Yes. The difference between 1333 and 1600 is so small that you may not notice it. Keep working for stability, and don't touch components too much. I worked at Dell, where we wear esd straps on our feet at all times while touching the board, cpu, or ram to keep from causing internal damage to the circuitry.
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