New concepts to me... raid, ssd... suggestions?

Hi. I'm building a system. Previous systems I've just had one or more IDE or SATA drives and I use them independently (not RAID). I want to setup this system with a bit more purpose.

The mobo I'm considering is here:

It can take 2 SATA3 drives in RAID 0/1/5/10, 4 SATA2 drives in RAID 0/1/5/10 and 2 more SATA5 drives but only in RAID 0/1. So I think this says to me that if I want RAID 5 or 10, I'm really limited to SATA2 speeds? I want to take full advantage of the drive speeds so maybe I should just be looking at 0 and 1?

Anyway, what I'm kind of considering is two SATA3 SSD drives to run OS and programs in RAID 0 for performance and another two SATA3 HDD for main storage in RAID 1 (for security).

Or am I better off with two SATA3 SSD Raid 0 and, say, 4 SATA2 HDD in raid 5?


What would you do? Is SATA3 really not that big of a deal? Or is RAID X not all its cracked up to be? Etc etc. Thanks.

- Steven
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    Or is RAID X not all its cracked up to be?

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