9800 GT goes up??? or down??

Im wondering.. about stream processors.. 9800GT only have 112 shaders.. and some lower ati cards has 320 shaders but the 9800GT performs really well..

will 9800GT be still in the future?.. or will be left out because of the low shaders..

future games performs really well with the ati high shaders.

ati > good hardware bad software?

nvidia> good sofware bad hardware?

w/c is more to invest.. hmmm......
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  1. for me the best way to compare is just looking at the charts
    and benchmarks all around the web,
    don't confuse you're self with the numbers
    yes they do say about there performance,
    but the real performance is in the real world ,
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    From an analogy on another thread by another person:

    Think of nvidia's processors as big trucks, they could do 150mph but carry a ton of load. The ATI's processors as small Supra's that could do 200mph but carry 1/4 the load of the truck. Each has its own strengths but benchmarks and actual usage wins the day.
  3. thanks for the analogy!.. videocards today are really hard to pick.. im an nvida fanboy.. iwanna try ATI for a change.. =D
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