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I have an xp sp3 trying to connect to a vista wireless network. Security is wpa-personal, tkip.

Router is linksys wrt120n.
Linksys generates a passphrase, vista uses it no problem.

my ibm xp laptop will not allow for a passphrase in wireless setup. Only network key.

linksys nor vista will show the key, and i haven't found a generator with the same algorithm.

Could the not allowing a passphrase in xp be a function of the network card? Card is a cisco airnet...

Any help is greatly appreciated,
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  1. I don't believe it is a function of the card. I don't recall ever seeing passphrases supporting under XP and WZC (Windows Zero Configuration).

    What you might try is using the adapter’s own wireless application instead of WZC (I assume that’s what you’re using). I prefer WZC myself, but you may have no choice. Or perhaps the Linksys application might even reveal the key for use w/ WZC.

    Or else switch to using keys instead of passphrases.
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