Triple or dual channel?

Hi im looking for some ram to buy for a EVGA x58 LE mobo, but i dont know what kind of ram it needs, i think its triple channel.
Another thing is: how do i know if the ram im looking for is triple or duall channel?
Thanks for any help
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  1. The motherboard chipset determines the ram capacity and setup. Tripple channel only means you try to use 3 ram sticks in the proper slots for maximum speed, but I doubt the average person could tell the difference over dual channel. Just get the best deal on 3 sticks you can find, with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. There is one Intel x58 board that gives you a choice of dual or tripple channel, but it's not the norm for this chipset.
  2. so i can use dual channel on a triple channel mobo? i think i read on
    that it didnt support dual channel memory
  3. You can try it, but I recommend you spend the extra money and use the same 3 sticks for the 3 color coded slots on most x58 boards. Dual channel ram is normally sold in pairs for the 1156 boards which use dual channel for their chipset.
  4. si i just need to buy ram that come in example 6 gigs (3x2)?
  5. Yes. The same identical 3 sticks of ram will run in tripple channel when placed in the same color coded slots of most x58 boards. Just read your board manual. It only takes a few minutes.
  6. Thanks for your help
  7. how do i select a best answer?
  8. If you are logged in on your profile and come into this thread, there should be a "Select as best answer" button below everyone's response.
  9. strange Im logged in and cant see the button.
  10. Do x58 boards support Quad Channel Memory?
  11. As far as I'm able to tell, there is no such thing as quad channel memory. Someone please correct me here if this is wrong. Where you may here quad memory mentioned is when memory is sold in bunches of four - that is simply two sets of two, to be used with dual channel boards.
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