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Hey, so I finally got my 1tb HDD, which is going to work with my 64 gig SSD. Of course, I'm going to run essentials on my SSD and all other stuff on my HHD.

I was wondering though, I've never ran 2 drives at the same time, so I'm a bit lost; do I use RAID? I feel it would be easier to figure out with both drives were HDD, but is there an optimal way to run and SSD and HDD together? Also, my HDD is Sata3, but I only have Sata2 and Sata6 cables.. will the Sata6 cable work with HDD in the sata3 slot on MOBO?

If there is a thread already on this topic, I apologize (couldn't find anything specific). Thanks.
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    No, you will NOT run RAID. RAID requires identical disks. RAID0 stripes data between multiple drives for speed and RAID1 mirrors the same data for reliability.

    Your setup will be this:

    1) SSD: Windows and programs etc

    2) Hard drive: games, backups, multimedia files, downloads

    I strongly suggest you put all files, games etc to the hard drive as you will discover that over time that 64GB SSD will fill up due to Microsoft updates, System Restore etc.

    How to install games:
    a) for STEAM games, simply make a folder "STEAM" on the hard drive. Point Steam to that when installing it and then it's all automatic after that.

    b) for non-Steam games, simply make a folder "GAMES" then when you install a game make sure to choose that folder ("Advanced Install" or similar wording when installing a game).

    Internet Browser:
    Go into the settings and change the download folder. (First create a folder "Internet Downloads") and you can point ALL your browsers to the same folder.

    SATA Cables: there is only one cable used. The yellow SATA cable. All hard drives are backwards compatible with all motherboard SATA connectors.

    - make sure to update the FIRMWARE for your SSD if necessary. You can do this at any time.
    - Make sure to create an IMAGE of your hard drive periodically. If you have a Western Digital drive you can use the free version it supplies of Acronis True Image, however I love the new Acronis True Image v12 which is $50 or three for $80.

    I have Acronis create DAILY updates (automatic; Incremental) of my main Windows drive. These are created on my hard drive in case of an SSD failure or software issues like a virus. I can then choose an earlier backup and Restore.

    *If you use Acronis TI, and PARTITION that hard drive, then point Acronis TI v12 to a partition (say 120GB), it will create backups until it runs out of space, then delete the OLDEST backup (if you have that feature setup). That way you don't need to do anything at all unless you have a problem and you'll always have several backups.

    (Backup AFTER you "Activate" your copy of Windows. You have a limited number of Activations for Windows but Restoring an Activated copy does not change this number.)
  2. you do not raid the SSD nad the hdd it doen't work that way you have them as two seperate drives and Windows sees them that way. You just plug them in and windows will assign a drive letter to each one. You would load your OS onto the SSD and that would be your C drive you would need to pay attention to the drive letter of the other one because you would tell windows which drive to load a program on to. There is only sata 2 and sata 3 , sata 2 is 3 gb/s and sata 3 is 6 gb/s the sata ports on your MB are usually color coded and you can plug into any of them except if you have a sata 3 hdd you want to plug into the sata 3 port to take advantage of the 6 gb/s speed. If you plug a sata 2 hdd into a sata 3 port you will only get the rated speed of the hdd which would be 3 gb/s. Same goes for the cables if you have a sata 3 hdd you want to use the sata 3 cable and plug it into the sata 3 port.
  3. Thanks both of u guys. Answers all my questions.
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  5. Everything is up and running now! The only thing I am wondering if I can change is how to make my HDD the default save/install location? It's gonna be a pain to have to scroll down and find the HDD every single time I install or download something.
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