Problem with my VGA Help me please

hi guys ! how u doing ? recently ive bought my new gaming rig
Components :
Motherboard : Asus Ex-58 EXTREME RAMPAGE II
Processor : Intel Core i7 920 2.66
Power Supply : Hec Cojuar 700w
VGA : ATI Radeon GigaByte HD 5850 1G.B GDDR5
Case : Antec 1200
H.D.D : Western Digital 500 G.B 32 Cache !
Rams : Mushkin DDR3 2 G.B x 3 bus 1600 !
Monitor : Samsung 20 Wide Screen !
heres my first problem that i think its related to what i got here ! :(
first of all : the mobo doesnt see the rams ! it clearly shows that there are 6 g.b rams however it doesnt give indication that there are rams ,. i went to the catagory of the mobo and i found out that the mushkin rams are not on the list ! ive contacted the spplier and he said its okay and there are no problems as long as the mobo is working with them and the windows do see the rams !
the real problem is : started when i switched to Windows 7 ! first we used a Windows XP 32 Bit just to check the pc and i kept using that windows for about a week ! finished Assassin's Creed and Dead Space ! and then i changed to the curtain windows , Windows 7 64 Bit ! i had no problems except installing the required files for the mobo etc etc so i had to go to asus website to download the drivers ! but u know im a good lazy guy lol ! anyway the pc was working fine within 2 days the first thing happened ! World In Conflict Crashed ! no idea what i did nothing happened no lags nothing but the game crashed ! i was hearing that the sound is working greatly but i cant see anything on the monitor it freezed i checked the keyboard if its a full major failure in the pc ! turned out that the keyboard still got power and its working but nothing on the screen but the sound is working normally as if im playing ! i ran a full system scan using Kaspersky full edition and SpyBot Search & Destroy and nothing was there ! the pc is clean ! but so far Assassin's Creed and working in conflict crashed at the same way donne if Dead Space did the same ! Notice : im running all games MAX GRAFIX and no lag at all ! this crash never happens when im on the pc working normally ! i did a benchmark for World In Conflict and it clearly gave me the benchmark with no issues at all !
can someone tell me please whats wrong ?
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More about problem please
  1. i would like to add that i havent exped. any kinds of lag in Medieval 2 Total war with MAX grafix at all ! the game Assassin's Creed was having some sound issues while playing it on my Windows XP 32 Bit but in Windows 7 i had no problems with the sound at all ! second of all Assassin's Creed and World In Conflict are full rips !
  2. anyone hello ??????????? recently the same problem happened but with YouTube ! the screen freeze no options are responding ! but i avoided this one and returned back to the windows with the Task Manager ! can someone please tell me whats wrong ?
  3. maybe check ram timings voltage check the for bad ram windows vista had 1 built in
    check drivers. you had no problems with xp 32 bit ?
  4. marco324 said:
    maybe check ram timings voltage check the for bad ram windows vista had 1 built in
    check drivers. you had no problems with xp 32 bit ?

    not at all ! no lags nothing just some sound problems with Assassin's Creed and it was solved in Windows 7 ! but the pc freeze ! i also got to tell that i havent installed the ASUS drivers ive installed them this time and checking , im downloading Directx right now ! and rechecking asap ! also about my rams timing its 8-8-8-24 ! i think its not bad !
  5. dude the pc doesnt crash ! the screen just freezes thats it ! and no respond at all ! the sound is working , its just the screen that freezes ! i also got to tell ive finished Dead Space and had ZERO freezes of this kind at all ! just a random crash ! and i replay it again , normal all games crashes ! but freezes in that way is kinda new !
    could it be caused becuz i didnt install the Asus mobo's drivers ?
    or maybe becuz i downloaded some x32 programs ? or what HELP ME is this a software or hardware problem ?
  6. okay becuz im new with this ! ill post as many infoz as i can and u guys find what u need srry 4 that ! from the TurboV program : i can see
    BCLK Frequency : 134 134 ( MHz)
    CPU Coltage : 1.23125 1.23125 ( V )
    DRam Bus Voltage : 1.51106 1.51106 ( V )
    QPI/DRAM Core Volt : 1.20000 1.20000 ( V )

    and i can see the CPU/Chip voltage and the Dram reference Voltage , ill take the DRam :
    i got all zeros all of them ! i got Mushkin rams loaded on an Asus Rampage II ! the mobo cant read the rams but its reading the speed 6100 ! but no name only the speed and thats it !
  7. Hello I have the same problem if I play a game like black ops after 10 minutes play my screen goes on standby and nothing react it is totaly frozen and it says that that VGA no signal has normaly it has always signal so I would like to have some more info about VGA

    I think that something stops the VGA but I dont know what.

    Thank you

    monitor: HP LE2001w
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