Older card for PhysX?

I have a GTX260Core216 Superclocked, and I was wondering if it was possible to pair it with an older 8800GT and use the 8800 for PhysX processing?

I know two cards of different models can't be put into SLI, but can one be dedicated to PhysX and the other to normal rendering and such?
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  1. Yes, i havent tried it but ive seen people put as many as 4 cards on a motherboard... tri-sli with a dedicated phys-x card... I believe i saw these videos on youtube.. :)
  2. yes , it can surely be done , the 8800 gt would good for physX . the next time use the core 216 :) with fermi !
  3. so putting the 8800GT in wouldnt underclock or affect my GTX260 in a negative way? only "relieve" it of it's physx duties? :D
  4. If you have one lying around you can try it. I don't think its worth going out to buy new components to do this:

  5. Yeah I had an 8800GT in the drawer. Just plugged it in and enabled the PhysX on it.
    Also unlinked the GTX260 and 8800GT in Precision, as an added measure. Gonna look at Vantage and see if 8800GT helped any
  6. let us know how that goes..
  7. I had bought a physics card a couple of years ago when it 1st came into play and I took it home, installed it and I actually scored less and I couldn't tell any difference. It was an ASUS physics card but I'm sure it wasn't as powerful as an 8800. I took the card back the next day and got my 249.99 back, lol...
  8. Seems to be working fine. No drop in FPS that I can see at all, and made a minor gain in Vantage. Just gonna leave the card in and put it to some use once in a while I guess. Hardly draws any power (850w seventeam anyways..), and it's better than just getting beat up inside a desk drawer. :)
  9. Agreed. It can't hurt anything...
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