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What is the best HDD setup to improve the loading times of games?
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  1. SSD (or WD Velociraptor HDD).
  2. You want a setup with high read speed in order to load the game files into memory as quickly as possible. The best setup would probably involve a Raid 0 array of multiple SSDs. Raid 0 stores the data in chunks spread across two (or more) hard drives so that read throughput is effectively doubled, while SSDs are much faster than the normal magnetic hard drives to begin with.

    But realistically even just a single SSD with windows and the games installed onto it as well as a large magnetic HDD for all your multimedia/downloads/etc storage will be plenty fast!
  3. He asked for "the best HDD setup to improve the loading times of games" not what's the best hard drive for that -_-.. It is exactly what I want to know!, How can I set up a brand new or just a Hard Drive for faster loading time or to place nothing but games in it in general...
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