Possible to overclock my OEM PC?

I've been wanting to overclock my CPU for a while now since it's quite low for a quad core (2.6ghz). I have the AMD Phenom II x4 810. The problem is that my machine is an OEM PC. Sucks, I know. Due to that fact, they restrict my ability to overclock or even fiddle with most settings in the bios. My motherboard is from Acer. Model is FRS780M. I tried using programs such as ClockGenerator and SetFSB. The problem with that was that I couldn't find the PLL for my motherboard. Are there any other methods of overclocking this OEM machine? Or am I not using ClockGenerator and SetFSB correctly? I don't really want to put out cash for a new motherboard just so I can push my CPU a little further...But if I must, I must. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. You need new mobo for overclock from asus/gigabyte/asrock etc, all mobo manufacturer hp/dell/acer is locked. You can't do it with your mobo.
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