Building a controller for the water system.

I am looking into building my first water cooling system. Going to build most of it myself. I have everything figured out except the fan controller. I would like to have the radiator fan controller by the temperature of either the water or the CPU block. I am looking for some ideas and a general direction to look in. Thanks for all the help.
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  1. Why not connect a 4-pin fan to the motherboard and use the CPU die temperature sensor to control the fan speed via software like SpeedFan?
  2. ^good advice.i heard NZXT and lamptron makes great controllers.
  3. That is one idea I have. I want something that gets the temperature from the liquid. This way the system's goal will be keep the water cooled which in return keeps all parts cooled, not just CPU.
  4. A lot of fan controllers have temperature sensors on them, the one i have comes with 5 probes i think its a nzxt sentry, not sure how they go in water but it might work.
  5. I have found this:

    The problem is I am trying to figure out how to make the controller read the temperature from it. If I could build one with a temperature reading then I could use it.
  6. I believe you may be able to plug that into a fan controller where the normal temp probes would be attached, not 100% on that but i think that's how it works.
  7. K, thanx. Also wandering does anyone now how to make an fan controller for cheap that would do that?
  8. This is the one I have, fairly cheap should be able to do what your after. There are a lot of them though, I went for the one I liked the look of the most.
  9. Are you trying to get your fan controller to increase fan speed based on water temps or pump speed increased based on water temps?

    Depending on your plan, you might go different routes.
  10. @benikens: yeah, that is more of a last resort. it can control a lot of fans and all. i have one on my gaming rig.

    @rubix_1011: to control fan speed.

    Basically I want a easy circuit that I can build to make a fan controller that will controller my fan depending on the water temperature.


    That is what I want to do. I just need some help in building the circuit. I do not want to buy something that has many fan controllers when I only want to controller one maybe two. I am building this on my server because the fans on it our so loud.
  11. If your fan controller has the ability to be interfaced via a PWM header and you setup SpeedFan, I'd think this would work.
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