Storm Trooper water-cooling help

My plan is as follows:
Intel Core i5 2500K OC to 4.5 or 4.9 w/e I can get that's stable
Asus P8Z68-v Pro Gen3 mobo
Mushkin Copperhead 16GB (that or vengeance)
Was planning corsair tx850W PSU but may go for a higher OCZ Wattage.. Whatever is recommended for the PSU
Will have at least a 120GB SSD but may invest in a higher GB one
WD black or green HD for files
Asus reader/writer
Asus HD7970 nonreference 3GB card will put another 7970 in the distant future
Now my plan is to put this water-cooling setup inside the CM Storm Trooper case (also considering 600t white for a case if it isn't smaller than the trooper)

Watercooling setup: pls let me know of changes that will benefit
Plan to replace fans in case with Silverstone Air Penetrators 120mm
basically a swiftech setup:
Green tubing/green coolant
Waterblock: swiftech apogee XT Rev2
Reservoir: swiftech MCRES Micro Rev2
Pump: swiftech MCP 655
Radiator: swiftech MCR420

Possibly tempted to go with an OCZ ZX 1250W PSU for this cooling setup
*****Also on a side note i want to hear if the Gigabyte G1 Assassin mobo would be a better investment for future upgrades and easier compatability.
please don't be too harsh as I'm a noobie to the darkside (water-cooling)
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  1. No response? That's a firsT
  2. Have you read through the watercooling sticky?

    Any reason you are going specifically with Swiftech? Just curious, there are a lot of options out there...
  3. rubix_1011 said:

    Any reason you are going specifically with Swiftech? Just curious, there are a lot of options out there...

    Thinking the same thing. I'd personally choose the XSPC Raystorm for a CPU Block and XSPC's RX rads, but if you're getting a good deal on the Swiftech parts then that makes sense.

    If you go EK, I'd recommend a copper block. Their nickel blocks are nice, but the potential for corrosion is just such a pain if you do indeed have to deal with it at some point.

    What sort of airflow are you going for with the fans? The AP121s are actually not that great - they're only rated for ~35 CFM @ 22 dBA, whereas there are some good Xigmateks that push twice as much air at the same noise level.
  4. I'd actually go new XSPC RX/EX kits with the D5 pump option. This trumps Swiftech Ultima kits.
  5. I've just read as a new builder with watercoolimg I've heard Swiftech offers a fool-proof kit easy to install and at a low price of $230-250 for the kit I would just need to buy a 7970 koolance block and 2 fans. However I will look into the XSPC RX/EX kit and see what's good about it anyhow much it will cost me over here in Canada :P
  6. They aren't really fool proof; they still are a complete loop that has to be planned and assembled like any custom loop would be. The same concepts apply for putting together a kit vs. components you just pick out- layout, filling/purging air, leak testing, etc.

    They aren't as simple as a LCS cooler is of plugging in a wire and connecting 4 screws but watercooling isn't exactly rocket surgery, either.
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