What is the best upgrade to go??

current system:
Cpu: q6600 @ 3.0 ghz
Mobo: Evga 650i ultra
HDD: wd 160 gb
GPU: evga gtx 260 216
PSU: Corsair tx650w
Case: Coolermaster HAF 932

proposed upgrade:
new mobo: sli mobo (just 2 gtx 260 216s) *can my psu run 2 gtx 260 216 in sli?
additional gpu: another evga gtx 260 216 for sli
HDD: 1 tb samsung f3

will buy either mobo or hdd this black friday or any upgrade just one item only.
will buy the next upgrade by christmas.

what would be a good way to go? Thanks in advance!
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  1. I ruled the gpu upgrade whether on gtx 280 or hd5850 because I would have my gtx 260 useless.

    is this a good decision to keep the gtx 260 and have it on sli?
  2. Sorry but ONE GTX260 requires 2x 6-pin connectors. Your PSU comes with exactly two. Now, you can use adapters but no one can guarantee anything.
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