Loading Windows from HDD While in Windows with SSd

Im wondering how is it possible to load windows while being in windows using SSd
I have a 1tb HDD as storage but it also has Windows 7 installed on it. i would like to load MY HDD windows While using my SSd also at the same time.
Is virtual machine able to do this or can you guys explain the process
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  1. Your computer can boot from one OS at a time - it's not possible for the computer to have two OSs running at the kernel level at the same time.

    You can use a virtual machine to host one or more additional OSs, but those virtual machines generally boot from a "virtual hard drive" (VHD) file, not from a real disk. The way you set this up is to use virtual machine software (such as Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare Workstation) to "create" a new virtual machine with an associated virtual hard drive. Then you load your Windows DVD, tell the virtual machine to "boot" from the DVD drive, and install Windows onto the virtual hard drive.
  2. Ty for the quick reply
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