Video Card help

I recently bought parts:

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P - Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 - Processor
WD Caviar Blue SATA 320gb @ 7200 RPM - HDD
1 Case Fan, 1 CPU Fan
No memory yet but I'm planning to get something like Kingston 4gb (2gb x2) DDR3, 1800Mhz

Any suggestions for a video card? I'm a heavy gamer, I can stay online for about 8 - 12 hours (with semi-breaks). I currently play World of Warcraft and I want a semi-epic fps. I would also want this video card to last for about 3-4 years. Suggestions please? :)

The last graphics card I had was GeForce 3xxx something (i forgot) and I am moving on :P I do not know much about video cards. I do not know stuff about ATI cards so please if you can elaborate on your suggestions, it would be awesome.
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  1. That motherboard can't use DDR3 ram and even if it could the difference would be marginal for a C2Q.
    If you want something to last that long you'll want to go for one of the new ATI cards, either an HD5850 or 5870.
  2. oh okay, DDR2 memory then :P thanks for the heads up.

    Also, I'm only using a stock monitor. It ain't HD. Would the ATI HD cards still work as intended? Or they are named HD just because they LOOK better in HD. :)
  3. The ATI HD card will hook up to VGA DVI and HDMI- The card should work for your monitor..
  4. "HD" is a term that applies to TVs not monitors. 720p "HD" is 1280x720 and has been pretty standard on monitors for about a decade so if your monitor really isn't "HD" you should definitely upgrade. In any case that's just the name of the card and if your monitor isn't very new/large those cards are probably overkill and much more expensive than you need right now. However, you did ask for something that will be viable for 3-4 years and those are the only cards I would consider recommending for such.
    You would probably be better off getting a card appropriate for your current monitor and upgrading it when/if you get a new one so tell us what resolution you plan on using.
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